Our services – Covid-19

In order to help halt the spread of coronavirus we were ordered to stop ALL routine, non-urgent dental care and defer treatment until advised otherwise.

Our practice is now open but ‘normal service has not been resumed’ and the treatments we are providing are still limited.

We understand that you are keen to be seen but we can only offer appointments that meet the guidelines, keeping both you and us as safe as possible.

From early August we will be providing urgent care using AGP if necessary. Appointments for AGP are limited because of the need for surgery down time and we have a number of people waiting.

We are planning on offering appointments with our hygiene-therapist as well, perhaps around the middle of August.

We are not yet providing routine care but we hope to start soon, again what we offer will be limited but we are considering options – family groups for check-ups and prioritising children.

It will still be some time before all dental care is available

A word about aerosol and why you should be concerned

Aerosol escapes from your mouth when you talk or breathe and it can stay in the air for up to 8 hours. Larger particles land on work surfaces and floors after a few minutes.

Covid-19 is tiny and is easily able to float in the air, in an indoor space it can remain infectious for up to three hours.

When you cough you can send aerosol travelling at speeds up to 60mph and you can easily infect another. A dental drill will increase the amount of aerosol produced dramatically. The risk of infection is all about how much exposure you get, or the ‘viral load’.

It seems the chances of infection are almost 20 times higher indoors and many recommend wearing a face mask when social distancing is difficult.

It is possible to catch the virus if you are outdoors and in close contact with a sick person, but it is rare.

Following your visit we must allow aerosol particles to settle before the surgery can be used again. We need 30 minutes for this and a further 30 minutes to decontaminate. Remember we dont need to use a drill since just talking and breathing creates aerosol.

We will have now have 2 operators in the building at any one time but productivity is still down and appointments will be limited.

If you have a problem there is some advice on our page  Some Self Help Advice

The practice is now open from 8.30 to 12.30 and 1.30 to 4.30 but please telephone first –  01777 706367.

Also you can email us advice.retforddentist@outlook.com

or you can message us on Facebook

If you have symptoms of coronavirus you can call us but we will have to refer you to NHS111 for any treatment.

Learn more on nhs.uk