Some Self Help Advice

Pain management – Anti-inflammatory tablets (NSAIDs) can reduce pain – a combination of ibuprofen and paracetamol has been found to be beneficial if you can take them both. However, there are some reports that Ibuprofen may increase the severity of COVID-19 so paracetamol alone is probably best if you have symptoms. Make sure you don’t exceed the recommended dosage. Don’t stop taking anti-inflammatories when the pain stops (or it will come back again)

Recommended analgesic doses for adults                                                                                                             For moderate dental pain Paracetamol 2 x 500 mg tablets up to four times daily (i.e. every 4–6 hours) or Ibuprofen, 2 x 200 mg tablets up to four times daily (i.e. every 4–6 hours), preferably after food.              

For severe dental pain Increase the dose of ibuprofen to 3 x 200 mg tablets up to four times daily, preferably after food. Do not increase the dose of paracetamol. You can take ibuprofen and paracetamol together, preferably after food, without exceeding the daily dose or frequency for either drug. Or you can take diclofenac (1 x 50 mg tablet three times daily) and paracetamol together, preferably after food, without exceeding the recommended daily dose or frequency for either drug – (Diclofenac is only available on prescription)             

The maximum doses in any 24-hour period are – 4 g paracetamol (8 x 500mg tablets) with or without codeine – 2.4 g ibuprofen (12 x 200mg tablets) – 50 mg diclofenac (3 x 50mg tablets)

Precautions – Diclofenac or high doses of ibuprofen (more than 8 x 200mg tablets) are not suitable if you have moderate or severe asthma – hypersensitivity to aspirin or any other NSAID – or any kidney problems

Desensitising toothpaste ​such as Sensodyne Repair and Protect or Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief can help.

Anaesthetic gel such as Orajel applied to the area can help numb the pain.

Clove Oil can be found in health food stores and you can apply it onto the painful tooth with a cotton bud.

Keep your head elevated at night when you lie down to go to sleep, the blood pressure in the tooth can increase which increases pain. An extra pillow can help keep your head elevated when you sleep.

Saltwater works to reduce dental bacteria by creating an acidic environment as you swish it around your mouth. It can also help to dislodge bits of stuck food that may be causing pain.

Sometimes toothache can lead to swelling. A cold compress can help reduce your swollen face and can also offer some temporary pain relief. It can be effective when you have a chipped tooth or one that was knocked loose. However, if red gums and a fever accompany the pain, there may be an infection, and you should contact us.

Temporary fix for a sharp tooth – You can buy temporary filling material from the chemists. Mix as directed and apply to chipped area forming a smooth surface.

Wax is another temporary solution. We use this for fixed braces around sharp wires and brackets. This may also be available at the chemist.

Anything that sticks to the tooth could be a temporary solution. Sugar free chewing gum placed over the fractured area may help.

Don’t try to file or smooth the tooth. This is a risky proposition and not recommended.

Limit the amount of talking and chewing until the broken tooth is patched or repaired.

Don’t use painkillers or numbing gels, they will only mask the pain and allow more soft tissue damage.

How to manage pain from gums …. food debris can trap bacteria between the gum and the tooth, this can cause pain.

Thoroughly clean the area with floss or a te-pe interdental brush​. You could put corsodyl gel onto the brush to help clean the area.

Rinse thoroughly with mouthwash can help (if you use Corsodyl it will stain your teeth so we don’t recommend this for long term use).

Worried about your gum health? Corsodyl have created an online gum health test.

Never put heat externally on your face as this can draw the ​infection into the tissues in your face causing external swellings.