Our reopening

Stage one, we have reorganised the practice to allow social distancing and enhanced infection control procedures – and we are training in our new procedures and use of the correct PPE.

Our opening is dependent on meeting PPE requirements and compliance with the latest Infection Control Procedures.

Please note that any treatment we provide depends on our assessment of the current safety situation (the infection rate and the alert level) so we may not be able to see you if we consider the risk to be too high.

For the time being we ask you not contact the practice for routine appointments.

If you need help please call us on 01777 706367, we will continue to offer advice over the phone and we still recommend avoiding unnecessary contact, especially for those of you in vulnerable groups.

All consultations will be done by telephone and attendance is by appointment only following a discussion with your dentist. Please do not come without calling first, we will not be able to see you.

Also, we will only see you if you have had no Covid-19 symptoms for at least 7 days or 14 days if someone in your household has had any symptoms.

Initially only 4 appointments a day will be available, down from the usual 120 due to the high risk of cross infection. You can imagine what this means.

Appointments will be allocated for emergencies and to those whose were under treatment when lockdown began. No aerosol procedures will be done.

We kindly ask for all payments to be taken over the phone prior to your appointment to minimise face to face contact and the risk of exposure.